Raw material for medical and cosmetic products

Raw material for yarn manufacturing

Raw material for nonwoven fabric manufacturing

Cleaning materials for household use

Cleaning materials for industrial use

Filling and heat insulation material for textile industry

TeksStream LTD is a leading raw material producer

TeksStream LTD is a leading raw material producer holding up-to-date equipment, innovative technologies and offering broad range of products.

Cotton waste processingis one of the major activities in TeksStream LTD company profile. The new project on regenerated fiber manufacturing using «MARGASA-1000M» processing line was launched in 2010.

Spanish equipment «MARGASA-1000M» which has no analogues in Russia provides substantial volume of raw material processing that is 300 tons per month.

Since 2012 the company actively involves partners in operation on give and take basis offering mutually beneficial conditions.

Our company is interested in active growth of our regular suppliers’ base. We are ready to mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers from any region of Russian Federation, the near and far abroad.

Delivery logistics:

Our company takes care about its clients and provides assistance in arrangement of door-to-door delivery. We have wide experience in arrangement of delivery both in Russia and abroad and have an opportunity to optimize transport charges depending on volumes.

We put a lot of efforts in company development in order to be successful. Proficiency of the staff is constantly increasing. We find new approaches to understand specific requirements of our customers, optimize time of delivery, production capacity is expanding.

Our aim is efficient interaction of parties on mutually beneficial conditions.