Raw material for medical and cosmetic products

Raw material for yarn manufacturing

Raw material for nonwoven fabric manufacturing

Cleaning materials for household use

Cleaning materials for industrial use

Filling and heat insulation material for textile industry


Cotton waste processing is one of the major activities in TeksStream LTD company profile. The new project on regenerated fiber manufacturing using «MARGASA-1000M» processing line was launched in 2010.

Spanish  equipment «MARGASA-1000M» which has no analogues in Russia provides substantial volume of raw material processing that is 300 tons per month.


Different kinds of raw materials are used in production process such as cotton. viscose, polyester and their mixes. According to customers’ demand we can form certain qualitative parameters of end products.

There are several stages of waste processing: waste sorting for non-textile elements removal, cutting, oiling in order to ease final stage – recycling. Dust generated during operation of primary equipment does not accumulate at fiber; it goes through tubing to filters for cleaning and further utilization. Willowing machine equipped with automatic firefighting system. Resulted from waste processing regenerated fiber «wadding» is pressed to bales by means of hydraulic press.

Final product is all-purpose and can be used for yarn, medical and cosmetic products manufacturing as well as nonwoven materials manufacturing.