Raw material for medical and cosmetic products

Raw material for yarn manufacturing

Raw material for nonwoven fabric manufacturing

Cleaning materials for household use

Cleaning materials for industrial use

Filling and heat insulation material for textile industry

To suppliers

Wholesale suppliers of raw material for the textile industry are welcome to collaboration.

We are interested in substantial increase of regular suppliers list due to dynamic increase in production volume. Our goal is to build reliable, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers based in Russia, far and near abroad.

Our Company is keen to purchase large volume of raw material at maximum market  rates. To make an operation even more efficient, self-delivery is provided. Our specialists are forward to assist you round the clock.

  TeksStream LTD is keen to purchase large volume of raw material on an ongoing basis. The list of desired products are as follows:
  • spinning industry waste;
  • weaving industry waste;
  • cotton thread waste, standards 36, 39, 40, 41, 50;
  • used packing materials;
  • garment industry waste (sewing cutting waste of any size and colour);
  • padding polyester scraps;
  • small size rags;
  • second hand.

We shall consider all your offers and requests.

If you focus on success and prosperity of your business as much as we are, please contactour office.